Tested, High Yield, Verified Passive Income Systems
that Often Deliver in a Month What Traditional Investments
Deliver in a Year!

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You have a choice:

Take the R O L L E R   C O a s t E R ride with stocks, real estate ... and maybe one day have enough to retire ...

........... OR ...........

You can start creating Passive Income today!

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Here's how we help You create Passive Income Now!

  1. We Find & Research Financial Services that provide superior monthly returns,
    far beyond the lackluster mechanisms the mainstream wants you to rely on.
  2. We Ensure these systems have been Tested and Screened for Authenticity and have a Proven Track Record.
  3. We target systems with a Verifiable, 50% Annual Return or better.
  4. Each Service must be able to provide Monthly Withdrawals. "Buy and hold" Strategies only increase your risk of fluctuation and principal loss over time.
  5. Preferably, each service allows you to hold your funds in your own name in a licensed account. (It is always best to maintain 100% control of your own money!)
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Rachel Victoria, MSFS

Former Licensed Financial Planner

Rachel is the Strategist behind Passive Income Opportunities. She is an Experienced Financial Professional with over 20 years of Practice in the Financial Planning Field.

Rachel owned a Fortune 100 Company Financial Planning Practice for 20 years, with a practice of over 300 households, and a client approval rating of 98% (enough to earn a Dalbar Award from Money Magazine in 1998).

Currently, Rachel spends much of her time researching Alternative Financial Strategies that can truly deliver the freedom and means the average person needs to create Real Wealth quickly.

"I was frustrated watching my clients sacrifice for years and years to save in slow growing investment accounts and then suffer the roller coaster rides of mutual funds, annuities, and real estate cyclical market downturns and dramatic fluctuations. And then, many times the havoc in the markets would occur immediately before their retirement date!"

"I love sharing with others how to create passive income quickly and efficiently. This Unique Knowledge can free anyone to have the abundance you deserve without waiting 30 years of roller coaster rides in the economy, stress, and struggle."

What Could You Use Passive Income and Cash For?

business personal credit
  • Living Expenses?
  • Business Goals?
  • College Costs?
  • Travel?
  • Family Needs?
  • Your Dreams?
  • Purchase a Home?
  • Early Retirement?
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